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With our industry experience and engineering excellence, we can effectively and efficiently support your specific needs. Our services help customers reduce development time, save costs, and gain valuable insight.

We use a wide range of tools such as CAD, FEM and MBS to perform concept studies, detailed design or field problem analysis.

When it comes to developing custom engineering software solutions, we guide you through the entire process, from formulating your goals and requirements to implementation and training.


Mechanical Systems



Regardless of the size or type of bearing, we can provide analyses that take into account all the interactions within a bearing and it's environment. This allows for cost savings and better lifetime predictions.


By taking into account the elastic deformation and coupling between all components, we are able to provide highly accurate stress and NVH predictions.


Wind turbines

By analyzing complete systems, the coupling between different components can be analyzed. By using highly efficient approaches, it is possible to better represent reality.


Wind Turbine Engineers


We have experience in testing, analyzing, and qualifying a wide range of materials, including polymers, fiber-reinforced composites, adhesives, and metals.

Structural design

We can help you design reliable structures, regardless of size, through accurate strength and vibration analysis.


Custom Engineering Software



Want to centralize your data? Or get more information out of your data? We can help you find the right solution and transfer your data securely.

Engineering Automation

Save time and reduce errors by eliminating repetitive manual steps such as copying input parameters. We can create custom engineering software, such as interfaces to your existing software environment, and automate the interaction between different programs.

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