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Our cutting-edge 3D nonlinear FEM modeling approach enables unparalleled mechanical system analysis. With our core technologies such as smart model generation techniques and our innovative and efficient contact algorithms, it becomes possible to simulate complete systems without the usual simplifications and subsequent unknown modeling errors.


Results are determined only by the geometry and material properties. This comprehensive approach ensures accuracy and reliability in your analyses.


Our software consists of a core module and optional application toolboxes. The core module contains the pre- and post-processors for CAD and FEM as well as multiple solvers. Our main nonlinear FEM solver has strong MBS-capabilities and allows full system analysis for static and transient problems. Structural vibrations and sound radiation can be analyzed in the frequency domain.


Dedicated application toolboxes with smart parametric model generators make it particularly easy to create reliable models for specific applications such as drivetrains. The resulting component models can then be analyzed in the full coupled system.


We also offer customer-specific model generators upon request.


Toolbox: Bearing design

The Bearing Design Toolbox includes a wide variety of bearing types, from the common deep groove ball bearing to the most complex multi-row slewing bearing with integrated gearing.


For each type, different modelings are available, from a simple linearized spring, to efficient semi-analytic models, to full 3D volume modeling with our ultra-efficient FE contact.

Toolbox: Gearbox Design

The Gearbox Design Toolbox contains pre-defined machine elements such as shafts and gears that can be created with just a few clicks. Templates for planet carriers and housings provide realistic characteristics in the early design stages, before detailed CAD designs are available.


In addition to the model creation, the toolbox includes gearbox specific results like transmission error, load distribution and the components service life.


Core Technologies


Smart model generator

We provide models for all drivetrain components that are fully parametric and require no CAD input. You can easily define them with common engineering properties such as diameters, modules and gear cutting tools. 

This allows you to quickly explore different design options and optimize your designs early in the product lifecycle.

Faster than ever

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency in contact analysis (e.g. between gears and within bearings). We offer a significant advantage of at least a factor of 100 over traditional FE contact methods with the same quality of results.

Our algorithms enable faster and more accurate simulations, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


Use the optimal modeling

All components in our toolboxes have different pre-defined modelings that can be selected and toggled with one click. This allows you to tailor the model to the scope of the current investigation and reduce computation time to minutes or seconds.

As a result, you can use fast and simplified models for DOE studies in the early design phase, while gradually incorporating more detailed models in later phases as the design progresses toward convergence.

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